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Our Mission

When you remove dirt off your windows and let the sunshine in, you’re just happier overall. At Reliable Window Washers, we clean windows with a purpose and for a purpose. Our task might be simple, but our mission goes beyond what it’s worth- to add a little more shine to our clients’ lives!

Our Vision

Our duty may be to clean windows, gutters, houses, driveways, patios, and more; but truly, it goes beyond that. We want to bring out the best in people and their homes. We are grounded in consistency, as we believe doing great work day-in and day-out gets us sustained positive results. We strive to be the company that every homeowner can count on to get the job done right every single time.

Our Story

About Us

Our Very First Truck!

In 2015, we started going door to door with a 2000 Bravada Oldsmobile.

Our Trucks Now!

After years of hard work,we were able to save up enough money to buy brand new trucks.

The DiFranco Family!

From left, Vinny, Nic, Benny, & Ben.

It all started when founder Ben DiFranco, realized his unending passion to help people. An owner of restaurants for 25 years of his life, Ben quit the food industry in 2015 to pursue a career that would take a different approach to serving others. Ben soon found himself with a bucket, a mop, & squeegee in hand; one year later, Reliable Window Washers was born & familiarizing itself in hundreds of homes in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. Ben recruited his three sons- Benny, Vince, & Nic- to work with him to grow his service radius & client base. In late 2017, the DiFranco family decided it was time to turn this hobby into a company. It was not until November 2021 when Reliable Window Washers decided to offer people the tools to become a business owner & grant them their own location to operate under them. Today, Reliable Window Washers adds shine to others.

What We Stand For

Our SIX Core Values

  • Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Integrity

At Reliable Window Washers, we are committed to doing our best work, we encourage teamwork collaboration to get the job done right, we are honest when we speak to each other, we put great trust in our team, we treat clients’ homes how we would want others to treat our homes- with great respect, & we are a company with integrity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would anybody buy a Reliable Window Washers location?
Owning a location is not required to have a career as a window cleaner. RELIABLE awards locations to those who are interested in running their own business & continuing the legacy that we have built over the past 8 years. We are searching for candidates ready to learn & grow through RELIABLEs mentorship.
No. RELIABLE will mentor you & give you everything that you would need to successfully own/manage a location. Our training & tools are taught by our team at RELIABLE who have experience with all aspects of the job, including management responsibilities.
When opening a new location RELIABLE location, you have the ability to have a part-time job 2-3 days a week. However, once we achieve the revenue goal, we have set for you, you will be required to work your location full-time. Please keep in mind, you are your own boss now so you have the ability to make your own schedule.
No, at least not in the beginning. We allow you to run this operation from your home. This is an added expense that is not necessary at the beginning, however, once you begin to grow your location, an office space will be required once revenue goal is achieved. When that time comes, we will help you find the perfect spot for you & your business.
Not only is RELIABLE is dedicated to exceptional customer service for our clients, but we will always be there for all our Owner Operators. There is a great deal of comradery among the employees at various locations in areas such as technology, marketing, human resources, and opportunities to grow within the company. We are here to help YOU reach your professional goals & grow our brand in your area.
You can expect a flexible schedule & freedom to be creative with the safety & comfort of having support when you need it. When joining our family, we guide you through everything.
What type of customers does Reliable Window Washers service?
RELIABLE services customers that range from businesses to private homes. There is no job too big or small for us!
Yes, as your location is based on zip codes & counties. These are customized to be as large or as small as you would like. Things that may factor into this include population and other locations that are near the area. A new location will not open within a certain mile radius.
RELIABLE has a recruiting website to help you build the perfect team. You are given the chance to connect with these employees & retain relationships with your employees. We of course will guide you through this entire process!
Yes, we provide training manuals on how to price EVERY service we offer as part of our training process. If there is ever a doubt in your mind about pricing, we are just a phone call away as we are always willing to help.
The reason we are preferred by our customers stems from our genuine dedication to customer service. RELIABLE prides itself on putting the customer first & always bringing our best.
To find out more information about opening a Reliable Window Washers location, fill out the form on our site. Just click here.

They Don't Call us Reliable for No Reason!