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Allow Your Windows to Sparkle Today!

Purchasing a home is one the largest investments you will make during your lifetime. To protect against your largest investment, it is extremely important to keep up with the maintenance of it. We know life gets busy which is why we are here to help! Allowing our trained professionals to clean your windows will save you a lot of time for a low cost. The cost for us to clean your windows is nowhere near the 10s of thousands of dollars you will spend down the road to get them replaced if they are not maintained. Proper treatment of your windows will increase the lifespan of them. Not only does regular window cleaning protect against your largest investment but it can have some health benefits. Did you know the build-up that lingers on windows can cause certain health problems; including: lack of Vitamin D, Depression, Mood Disorders, & Sinus Blockage? Therefore, this is the reason we are in business- to provide you with clean windows to protect your largest investment AND better health!

Our 5-Step Window Cleaning Process

We will remove any dirt/mud/debris from your exterior/interior glass with our process below:

  • First, we soak our window scrubber in our professional grade glass cleaning solution.

  • Next, we drag our window scrubber across the window to remove any dirt/mud/debris.

  • Then, we utilize the squeegee to make the window sparkle & shine as new.

  • Lastly, we take a towel & wipe all corners to remove any excess water.

  • After the window is cleaned, we wipe the sills & screens as this is included in every window cleaning.

Benefits of Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning is the best way to allow more sun in your home while keeping your property looking incredible all year-round. The four best known benefits of window cleaning include:

  • Keep Your Windows Looking Brand New
  • Maintain Property Value
  • Instant Curb Appeal
  • Improve Health

  • We always look forward to working with new customers as you can trust us to keep your scheduled appointment, stand behind our work, & provide you with the best value in window cleaning.